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Seize The Opportunity


We were able to motivate students and educators globally to take the initiative and start something new as we did with opening the centre. Start an educational initiative to raise awareness about global issues and motivate others to take actions.  The first inspired action was welcomed at al-Hekma school in Baqa al Ghabriyye to introduce the intercultural Exchange program and another initiative by a wonderful student from the Czech Republic called Albert Oliva, partnering with Salam Centre to start something called the Impact Summit in Prague.  Then we met with an amazing educator from Moscow, Russia called Julia, she started an initiative to raise awareness in Russia called Youth Leadership Conference. 

Conferences - Partners


Intercultural Exchange Program - Baqa al Gharbiyye

the Intercultural exchange program, hosted at Al-Hekma Elementary School in Baqa al Gharbiyye and co-directed by Salam Centre for Peace. The purpose of the intercultural program is to both enrich the students and the visitors about different cultures, as well as improve spoken English for the students since all the meetings will be held in English. - Program is dedicated for 6th grade students. Each visitor prepares with a group of students for a final end of the yer project. Started in 2016 - Click here for more.


Impact Summit - Prague

Impact Summit Organization and leadership team is a newly established organization which aims to raise the awareness about all 17 Sustainable Development Goals (2030 Agenda). Click here for more info. Started in 2018


Youth Leadership Conference - Moscow

YLC - Youth Leadership Conference is an initiative by Pro.Study Center in Moscow and Salam Centre for Peace to inspire and lead the youth to create an impact and change in their communities. The conference will aim to bring together young inspirational influencers from all around the world to host workshops and debates to focus on creating a better tomorrow and sharing stories.  


Science and Environment

Science and Environment is an initiative to educate and raise awareness about the environment for younger generations to engage them. To educate them about the SDGs, especially the relevant ones to the environment and how to take action.  For more information please click here.