istanbul Study Trip

7-10 July 2019 -- 6th grade students (12 years old)

Intercultural Project

Salam Centre and Hekma School in Baqa al Gharbiyye, we worked with Wang from China, Noa from Mexico and Victoria from USA over the course of a year. 

Arabic Interview - hala tv

Salam Centre For Peace - مركز سلام للسلام LIVE ON HALA TV. 17/11/2016

THIMUN Qatar Journey

Our Journey with THIMUN Qatar since 2013  First time in Doha for Salam was in 2013 for Qatar Leadership Conference. Then She helped arrange delegations to THIMUN with OMUN every year until 2017 where she sent her own full delegation.

Baqa Tour

Tour is given to Victoria by Al-Hekma elementary 6 grade students, filmed and directed by Salam Centre for Peace

mawlid 2017

Some of our amazing course students explain about Mawlid 2017


"How can programmes such as Model UN help today's youth be better engaged with key issues affecting their lives"?  - Founder of Salam Centre - Salam Kedan